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There is an ongoing war you don't get to hear about in the 9 o'clock news. The debate between AdBux and Bux.to has blown up out of proportions and it is now a full bloody virtual war.

The members seem to have taken sides in this dispute and even those of us who just want to click ads and cash in seem to be drawn in to the debate, whether we want to or not. AdBux has accused Bux.to for fraudelent activities for months now and the slandering has been rough in both directions. It all started when AdBux accused Bux.to of hacking into their system and stealing their script and database. Bux.to's response to the matter was that they had actually hired their own programmer.

Just as Bux.to was getting up to speed with the late payouts and everything seemed to look brighter for the members, the AdBux admins decided to take the war one step further. On the AdBux forum there is a 135 page thread about Bux.to and the main subject over the last 24 hours has been "how to close down Bux.to for good". The AdBux admins had an open discussion with their members and brainstormed a few ideas such as reporting to the FBI for fraud. The FBI's response was that they had nothing to go on so the AdBux-ers had go back to brainstorming. This time they came up with the idea to report abuse and accuse Bux.to of spamming. All AdBux forum member were asked to send copies of sales letters sent to them by Bux.to and the owner of AdBux forwarded these emails to the Bux.to domain registrar as spam. The fact that the salesletters only are sent to registered Bux.to members was not something they took into consideration. And it seems like the AdBux plan worked. A few hours later the Bux.to website was unaccessible, hundreds of thousands of Bux.to member shut out and wondering where their money went? Meanwhile the AdBux admins was laughing out loud on their forum and thanking the supporters for a good job.

As a mere observerer it was fascinating to see how the AdBux admins slowly, hour after hour on Sunday the 7th of Oct, was slandering Bux.to and convincing doubtful members to join their side. Any objection was forced down quickly by the admins and their closest men. The scene made us think of a notorious german man with black hair and a little moustasche who yelled out his propganda to the people and conviced them to either take his side or suffer the consequences. The AdBux admins even managed to get the Bux.to forum moderator over to the other side.

The accussations
It's no understatement to say that both sides has accused one another of scam. Those of us who has been around in the PT realm for a while surely remember the Netbux scandal. The netbux owner stole around US$40,000-US$50,000 of the members money and ran for the hills. A lot of people mean that the person behind that scam is now the owner of AdBux and they cannot understand how people can trust this person and his accussations against Bux.to.

"It is only a matter of time before he scam us all again. One would think people would learn a lesson from dealing with this guy." says Joanna, an angry PTC program member.

AdBux responded to the matter by putting a website explaining the circumstances around Netbux and AdBux. http://theyscammedus.com/adbux.php#1 "Well of course he would try and defend himself. If I was a scammer I would too. But frankly I don't believe one word written on that website" Joanna continues. "This war AdBux has started will only harm the members and no one will gain anything if Bux.to goes down. There is a lot of money invested in this program and they had just gotten back on track with the payments.....then the AdBux snotty kids had to come sabotage it. Their forum is filled with smileys, LOLs, LMAOs and disgusting pictures supposedly impersonating the admins of Bux.to. It is clearly a bunch of kids running AdBux and they're trying to take justice into their own hands. The AdBux forum really looks like a refugee camp for people who were banned for cheating on Bux.to and couldn't take the fact that they were caught." But not everyone was angry. Those standing on AdBux's side was celebrating loudly on the forum.

"I am glad to see Bux.to shut down. They were very late with payments. I just got all my money this weekend from Bux.to but I still think they are bad. It has to be bad, if they are late with payments,right?" said an anonymous member of both AdBux and Bux.to.

Most of us have heard that Bux.to had troubles to keep up with payout and it has caused a lot of turbulence among the members and some even started to suspect scam. Bux.to admins explained that they were understaffed and simply not prepared for this large amount of people joining the program. Just a week ago they hired more staff to help out and have been working around the clock to catch up with payouts.

We managed to get a hold of Bux.to admins for a comment.
"In regards to the payments we have reached the 5th of September, so we're close in our 30 days time frame as stated. Difficult to work well if other people are trying to damage your business just for the reason that we are more successful. At the moment 80% of our working power is wasted, they even send fake people to our forum to keep us busy."

How this virtual war will develop we can only guess, but today at lunch time (GMT) the Bux.to wesbite was up again and running from the IP:

Bux.to administration are taking legal actions against what they think is a sabotage but first they want to sort out any member issues and continue with the payouts.

"After all the members has to come first" says Bux.to.

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October 08, 2007

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