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December 20, 2007
There are a few updates so please read all of them, all are very important and need to be read.

WorldWinner Offer
Turns out the offer company we use lied in the description of this offer. It actually does require a deposit of money into your account to receive credit. We are very sorry and we feel as cheated as you do. We had know whay of knowing this was posted incorrectly. We apologize once again.

Reg Ad Compensation
We realize this is very unfair to the purchasers of reg ads to immediately take them down so we will be recompensating to an extent. More details will be posted later this week here in our announcements. When it is posted purchasers will have 2 weeks(14 days) to contact staff and receive their compensation. Thanks and we hope this will help.

Support System
The support system has been down for a while and it will be re-released in a few days time with some new additions and hopefully far greater support than before. We will be going beyond what any other site has to provide support to our members with this new addition so please prepare for the update.

Meeting For All Users
I myself(Cronus), will be holding a meeting for all users on December 26, 2007 at 12pm EST. This meeting will be to discuss the recent changes in AdverCash, the policies, and what we need to improve in. We will be asking for many, many suggestions to better the site. We will pay you just to suggest some good ideas. We will be giving compensation to those who give ideas that we use(or may use in the future). Earn extra cash just for helping us out! More details found here.

Sundays Competition Canceled
Due to the upcoming holidays AdverCash's competition for this week has been canceled. We all hope you have happy holidays and a great new year! The competition will resume the following Sunday as scheduled.

Chamo a vossa atenção para a noticia, logo a primeira, que dá conta de que fomos todos enganados quando à oferta dos 9$ apenas pela inscrição.
Bem que se lixe valeu a pena tentar e o meu 3º pagamento está a chegar. :)

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