advercash e alertpay.

Parece que me enganei...

January 24, 2008
We have removed AlertPay and MoneyBookers from the payment options. Their fees were outrageous and people just don't seem to trust them very much. In light of this we have added Google Checkout as a way to pay for Referral Packs, Green Memberships, and Advertisements. After this begins to be set in place we will start implementing the new payment system which is international and very easy to use. Just a hint, it has to do with an ATM card. Also, a huge change in AdverCash will be happening within the next week or two, so be ready for some change!
Afinal estes senhores não gostaram assim tanto da alerpay, dizem eles que as taxas dos senhores são muito elevadas. E vão usar o Google Checkout como forma de pagamento dos packs de referidos e dos upgrade. E ficamos à espera de uma nova forma de pagamento que eles prometem que chegue nas próximas duas semanas. Boa sorte...

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